Client: Passion Project ( Personal)

Role:  Art Direction, UX/UI, Design 

Tools: Photoshop, sketch, illustrator 

Year: 2018

Tempo is a time tracker system that 

I created due to my struggles of 

tracking freelance projects and time.




Color coded background as a visual cue that you are either clocked in or clocked out. When you are clocked-in the client is notified and can contact you at any time without disturbing you outside of  working hours.

Automatically save time and submit invoice in one click. The invoice is calculated based off a preset set hourly rate. 

Once invoices are submitted the are automatically archived for the year. Allow you to easy access to past invoices. 

Giving you monthly and annual totals. Helping you stay up tp date on your current finances.

You have [6] Projects due

At the same time managing all of you projects. Giving you more time to focus on the job at hand. 

Digital Painting
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