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James Naismith NFT 

James Naismith invent the game of basketball in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts while teaching YMCA training. 

These NFTs are meant to be more than just a profile image. This collectable digital cards are designed to explore the imagination and pay homage to the man who created one of the greatest games of our time. 

Pristine Condition

This card was uncirculated and likely used to get sign-off by Naismith himself. As a joke he signed the card and quite possibly created the very first autographed basketball card.

Error Card

Honest mistake. The Game of basketball was invented in Springfield, Massachusetts not Springfield, Missouri. Making this one of the most sought-after error cards of its time.
Naismith_Estate Sale.jpg

Estate Sale Find

After digging through a shoebox full of trading cards, this hidden gem was found tucked inside an old tin matchbox. Granted it may be a little rough around the edges, but only a few of these still exist.

Discarded Sample

Due to its condition, this is extremely rare card often goes overlooked. Because the average collector doesn't know about this unique color way. Most likely a discarded sample that was not destroyed along with the others.
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