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Sprint Dreams is a autobiography written by Faith Dismuke about decisions that could destroy her All-American Dreams.

Client: Faith Dismuke 

Role: Art Direction, Design, Illustration 

Tools: Photoshop, Digital Painting, Illustrator

Year: 2018

She can’t speak patois, she can’t find love, and she can’t convince her college coach to give her a scholarship. Despite all of that, eighteen-year-old college sophomore, Makeda Delane, believes her path to athletic success will be a smooth ride once she proves to her coach and teammates that she can compete with the best of collegiate track and field. Instead, tension evolves between Makeda and her teammates and pushes her into a series of decisions that could destroy her All-American dreams. She knew becoming an elite athlete would be difficult, but she did not expect to find herself at odds with those she trusts, or herself.

Faith Dismuke has a Master’s in Communications from the University of Connecticut. The New Jersey native enjoys opportunities to share her experiences as a former collegiate and USA Track and Field athlete with others. SPRINT DREAMS is her debut novel. 

-Faith Dismuke


Spine Inspired by the 4x100m relay passing lane on the track.

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