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Creative Brief

Client: Hulu via Talenthouse

To celebrate the launch of The United States vs. Billie Holiday, Hulu wants to collaborate with you to create artwork inspired by the film, it’s performances, and it’s main songs performed by Andra Day: "All of Me", "Strange Fruit", and "Tigress & Tweed".

We would like your help to create one-of-a-kind artwork that honors and celebrates Billie Holiday’s legacy portrayed by Andra Day. Just like the social justice leaders of today, Billie used her platform to speak truth in the face of severe pressure from those in power - we would like your work to inspire the same.

My vision

The major inspiration behind this piece is not being afraid to step into the spotlight. Using a beam of light as a metaphor, the little girl stands tall atop crates filled with rotten “Strange Fruit” spilling on the ground beneath her. A weathered rope nestled in the branches acts a simple reminder of what was or what could be.


As the light shines through the trees, illuminating the darkness around this small but strong black girl, emotions become evident...but is she yelling/screaming out of anger or just singing with everything she has. Is it a young Billie Holiday with a bit of foreshadowing? Or is she another young a powerful woman preparing to take on the world by stepping into the light.


*photo's are for reference only

Reference material


Step into the Light

Client: Hulu via talent House

Role: Art/ Creative Direction & Digital Painting

Tools: Photoshop + Wacom Cintiq 

Year: 2021

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